Magnetic Lifting

  • East Coast Magnets, Hyderabad – Brand: Sarda Magnets / Rudra Magnets

  • Electro Magnetic and Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifting systems for Steel Profiles:

      • Plates.

      • Beams.

      • Billets.

      • Coils.

      • Pipes.

      • Other profiles.

  • Fixed Beam / Telescopic Beam solutions

  • Mains / Battery Operated solutions

  • Manual Hand lifters range from 250Kgs to 5T capacity

  • 1000+ installations worldwide


  • East Coast Magnets, Hyderabad – Brand: Rudra Magnets

  • Electro Permanent Magnetic QMC for Plastic IMM machines for Mould Clamping

  • Patented Technology & Made in India Product

  • First and Only company in India into Manufacturing of such product

  • EPPRESS range of systems for IMM from 50T – 4000T IMM


  • Brand: Promotech, Poland

  • Wide range of equipment’s and solution for Plate and Pipe Bevelling.

  • Manual Bevel Machines for Plates and Pipes

  • Automatic Single / Double Sided Plate Bevellers

  • High quality and performance Cutting and Welding Wheel and Rail Tractors

CNC Beam Drill and Saw

  • Brand: Akyapak, Turkey

  • CNC Beam Drill and Saw line for Beams of 1200mm width

  • High Speed Drilling with Carbide Insert Drills

  • Automatic Tool Changer

  • Mitsubishi / Siemens Controller

  • Angular Cutting + 60 Deg / - 45 Deg

  • Adjustable cutting speed based on materials

  • Automatic feeding according to sections

CNC Plate Processor

  • Brand: Akyapak, Turkey

  • CNC Plate Processors for Drilling, Milling, Tapping, Plasma / Oxy cutting.

  • High Speed Drilling with Carbide Insert Drills.

  • Automatic Tool Changer.

  • Oxy Cutting and Plasms cutting systems.

  • Lateral Pincher for Plate clamping.