Band Saw and Disc Saw Machines

  • For Sawing Steel and Aluminium profiles.

  • Manual, Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic machines range.

  • For Pipes, tubes, solids, Flats, H Beams cutting applications.

  • Bundle Cutting options available.

  • Straight Cut and Miter cut options available.

  • Max profiles cutting range upto 1200mm.

  • Industry 4.0 compatible.

  • Automated Loading and Unloading Options.

  • Automatic detection of profile width.

  • Automatic correction of cutting length.

  • Compact Design.

Cranes & Transfer Trolleys

  • Biggest Manufacturer of South India and one of fastest growing crane manufacturer in India.

  • Exclusive Distributor of Street Cranes, UK for Indian market.

  • Overhead cranes from 500Kgs to 200T.

  • Single / Double Girder EOT Cranes.

  • Gantry / Semi Gantry Cranes.

  • A Frame Cranes.

  • Pillar Mounted / Wall Travelling Jib Cranes.

  • Monorail Systems.

  • Winches.

  • Hoists and Crabs.

  • Transfer Trolleys.

  • Special Material Handling Projects.

Chips Management Systems

  • Highly efficient chips/scrap conveying and management systems for Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Cast iron material for Machine shops.

  • Conveying systems using Drag Conveyor, Hinged Belt, Harpoon conveyor and Magnetic conveyor.

  • Heavy Duty Grinders for cutting long swarfs / chips.

  • Heavy Duty Crushers with bar end ejectors.

  • Special projects of chips management done.

Coolant Filtration Systems

  • Highly efficient Coolant Filtration with Drag conveyor with rotarty drum and self cleaning filter.

  • Centrifuges for Oil filtration.

  • Patented Microself Coolant filtration system for filtration rate upto 5 microns.

  • Ideal for Machine tools, for Grinding , milling, Rolling mills and other machining work applications.

Welding Machines

  • Kolarc, Turkey Brand.

  • Synergic Inverter based welding machines.

  • Manufactured inhouse completely.

  • MIG/MAG, MMA, TIG, SAW, Robotic Welding solutions - Available in various variants.

  • Modular Construction.

  • Advance Inverter Technology.

  • Access Control.

  • Wire Feeder Unit available in different variants with program memory.

  • Intelligent Cooling System.

  • Integration with Automation.

  • Weld Data Management system available with Industry 4.0

  • Tie-up with all major Robot brands – ABB, Yaskawa, Kuka, Fanuc, Hyundai and others.

Horizontal & Vertical Plastic IMM

  • TKC Make Vertical Injection Moulding machines for Thermoset and Thermoplastic.

  • Manufactured in India.

  • 90T – 160T range available.

  • Standard, Single Shuttle, Double Shuttle and Rotary Table.

  • Over 1000+ machines sold in India.

  • UCAN Make Horizontal Injection Moulding machines for Thermoset and Thermoplastic.

  • Manufactured in India.

  • Wide range of screw and Barrel depending on application.

  • 15T – 1650T range available.

  • Servo controlled machine.

  • Low Noise and Energy saving.

IMM Robots and Auxiliaries

  • Topstar Robots from China is one of biggest manufacturer for Robots and AUxillaries for IMM.

  • 1/3/5 Axis Servo controlled Robots for plastic IMM machines.

  • For Machines ranging from 50T – 4000T IMM.

  • Belt Conveyors.

  • Dryers and Dehumidifiers.

  • Auto Loaders.

  • Hopper Receivers.

  • Water / Oil type Mould Temperature controllers.

  • Air / Water Chillers.

  • Mixers.

  • Granulators.